Sharp Diamond coated instruments

Sharpen Free Sharp Diamond Instruments

Sharp Diamond periodontal instruments have a breakthrough, ultra-hard coating that keeps them razor sharp. Their soft silicone grips set the standard for comfort and tactile response.

Comfort and sensitivity

LM-Dental pioneered the use of premium-quality silicone to improve sensitivity and comfort. Our LMErgoSense handles make instruments lighter and more responsive in your hands.

New micro coating

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology bonds a diamond-like micro-coating to Sharp Diamond instruments. Our fine surgical steel takes a razor edge and the PVD coating protects that edge, giving you a more effective instrument for longer.

Exceptional hardness and durability

Our PVD coating has a hardness of 63 on the Rockwell scale. This tough surface makes Sharp Diamond instruments resist wear 82% better than uncoated steel dental instruments.

Wear resistance*

Better instruments, better outcomes

Sharpen free Sharp Diamond instruments enable you to remove calculus without fracturing it. They’re ideal for all forms of depuration.

Sharp Diamond features

Sharpen free technology saves time and cost
Long-lasting, superior sharpness allows greater precision
Improved sensitivity gives greater control
Highest-rated ergonomics improves comfort and grip**
Reduced maintenance simplifies equipment procedures

Reference studies

* Leppäniemi J. et all: The influence of PVD coatings on the wear performance of steel dental curettes. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 674 (2016), 289-295.

** (1) Sormunen E., Nevala N: Evaluation of ergonomics and usability of dental scaling instruments; Dental scaling simulation and Field study, part III. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, LM-Instruments Oy. (2) Nevala N, Sormunen E, Remes J, Suomalainen K: Ergonomic and productivity evaluation of scaling instruments in dentistry. The Ergonomics Open Journal 2013; 6, 6-12.

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