LM Sharp Diamond™ coated instruments

Sharpen Free LM Sharp Diamond™ Instruments

LM Sharp Diamond™ periodontal instruments have a breakthrough, ultra-hard coating that keeps them razor sharp. Their soft silicone grips set the standard for comfort and tactile response.

Comfort and sensitivity

LM-Dental™ pioneered the use of premium-quality silicone to improve sensitivity and comfort. Our LM-ErgoSense® handles make instruments lighter and more responsive in your hands.

New micro coating

Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology bonds a diamond-like micro-coating to LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments. Our fine surgical steel takes a razor edge and the PVD coating protects that edge, giving you a more effective instrument for longer.

Exceptional hardness and durability

Hardness contributes to the durability of the instrument. LM Sharp Diamond™ reach hardness of over 63 on Rockwell scale.

Wear resistance*

Better instruments, better outcomes

Sharpen free LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments enable you to remove calculus without fracturing it. They’re ideal for all forms of depuration.

LM Sharp Diamond™ features

Sharpen free technology saves time and cost
Long-lasting, superior sharpness allows greater precision
Improved sensitivity gives greater control
Highest-rated ergonomics improves comfort and grip**
Reduced maintenance simplifies equipment procedures

Reference studies

* Leppäniemi J. et all: The influence of PVD coatings on the wear performance of steel dental curettes. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 674 (2016), 289-295.

** (1) Sormunen E., Nevala N: Evaluation of ergonomics and usability of dental scaling instruments; Dental scaling simulation and Field study, part III. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, LM-Instruments Oy. (2) Nevala N, Sormunen E, Remes J, Suomalainen K: Ergonomic and productivity evaluation of scaling instruments in dentistry. The Ergonomics Open Journal 2013; 6, 6-12.