Care and handling


Simple sharpening with LM-RondoPlus™

Instruments should be sharpened regularly in order to guarantee the efficiency and good treatment results.

Regular sharpening prolongs the service life-time of the instruments. LM-RondoPlus™ is suitable for sharpening of all instruments. It sharpens hand instruments easily, quickly and precisely.

Are your instruments sharp enough?

Sharpness of the instruments used for calculus removal or preparations, is the base of safe, efficient and pleasant treatment.

Are your instruments sharp enough or is it time to resharpen or replace them? Test it quick and easy with LM-Fingo™!

Optimized workflow with LM-Servo™ cassettes

Instrument cassettes provide an efficient and safe way to process, sterilize, and organize instruments in the dental clinic, by minimizing manual handling of individual instruments and rationalizing the maintenance process.

Instruments can be organized in the LM-Servo™ cassettes as ready-to-use treatment sets and the instrument handles are clearly visible for easy identification during handling. The cassettes can be color-coded with silicone buttons to distinguish user- or procedure-specific instrument sets.

Improved safety with LM-Servo™ E cassettes

In LM-Servo™ E cassettes the instrument handles are clearly visible providing RFID tag readability and identification of individual instruments, though the tips are securely covered with safety shields preventing sharp injuries and protecting the blades.

The LM-Servo™ E cassette series is available with built-in RFID tagging. This option makes E cassettes excellent tool for improving traceability by enabling easy handling and tracking of
instruments as sets.


By following LM™ reprocessing recommendations, you can ensure your products to have both long life and high level performance. To take best care of your high-quality products pay attention to the recommendations and ensure that only validated procedures are used for cleaning and sterilization.