Selecting the handle

Anything you hold for 2000 a year, better be comfortable

Ergonomic handle selection

LM™ instruments are available with a selection of different handles, all ergonomic due to the elastic silicone coating and optimized contouring making instrument handles comfortable and providing non-slip grip. The clinician’s hand fit and indication both play a role in selecting an ideal handle type. Interchanging different handles, may place the user’s hand under even less strain.

Handle types

LM-ErgoSense®(Ø 13.7 mm)

The larger diameter and design provide sensational grip that has been proven to be ergonomic and efficient in scientific clinical testing. On LM™ product codes LM-ErgoSense® handle is marked with letters ES. For example, Micro Sickle with LM-ErgoSense® handle: 301-302ES

All the LM™ instruments with LM-ErgoSense® handle are available with integrated RFID chip enabling a complete and reliable traceability by LM DTS™. On LM™ product codes LM-ErgoSense® handle with RFID chip is marked with letters EST. For example, Micro Sickle with LM-ErgoSense® handle with RFID chip: 301-302EST

LM-ErgoMax™ (Ø 11.5 mm)

Classic ergonomic design that others copy. Functions well in all clinical procedures and guarantees excellent tactile sensitivity and relaxed grip. On LM™ product codes LM-ErgoMax™ handle is marked with letters XSI. For example, Micro Sickle with LM-ErgoMax™ handle: 301-302XSI

LM-ErgoNorm™ (Ø 8.5 mm)

The thinner handle that functions best in light clinical procedures. On LM™ product codes LM-ErgoNorm™ handle is marked with letters SI. For example, Micro Sickle with LM-ErgoNorm™ handle: 301-302SI

Special handles

LM-ErgoMix™ (Ø 12.5 mm)

LM-ErgoMix™ handle for exchangeable LM™ titanium tips assortment for implant maintenance. The handle structure offers the benefits of retipping and ensures excellent tactile sensitivity and optimal rigidity.

Whenever there is a need for a tip replacement the lock grip is opened, a new tip is inserted and the lock grip is closed again. No extra tools are needed. Use LM-ErgoMix™ instruments in the normal way, clean and sterilize it like any other instrument. The sealed construction guarantees high level hygiene.

On LM™ product codes LM-ErgoMix™ handle is marked with letters EM.

LM-ErgoSingle™ (Ø 11.5 mm)

Well balanced mirror handle with better reachability. On LM™ product codes LM-ErgoSingle™ handle is marked with letters ESI.

Colors, naming and coding

To facilitate color-coding and brighten up working practices all the LM™ instruments come in refreshing colors. The name and the code number on the handle ease the identification of the instrument during clinical procedures and maintenance.