Orthodontic appliances

LM-Activator™ – Early orthodontic intervention

LM-Activator™ is a prefabricated appliance for supporting healthy growth and development of the face and jaw. The ideal time for treatment with LM-Activator™ is in early mixed dentition when the first teeth are changing. By intervening early, the need for further treatment can be significantly reduced and even eliminated. Research indicates that malocclusions in deciduous dentition persist and tend to become more severe as the dentition develops. LM-Activator™ provides soft guidance to to teeth and jaws when needed.

Safety and comfort

  • Evidence based treatment method. The treatment method proven by research results, and the appliance has been used by hundreds of thousands of patients around the world.
  • Removable and used while sleeping. Patient can eat any food normally, exercise and do any sport, and no metal wire adjustments or emergency visits needed due to broken metal parts.
  • Gentle on teeth. Soft silicone is gentle on teeth and comfortable for the patient.
  • Simple and easy treatment. No separate treatment phases but simultaneous alignment, leveling and anteroposterior correction reducing treatment complexity.
  • Safe and fully biocompatible, no additives.

“The appliance has many advantages. Most importantly, early treatment with LM-Activator™ will stop the development of the malocclusions, thereby preventing the malocclusion to become more severe. For children, LM-Activator™ is easy to use. The treatment is easy and straightforward, and the treatment outcome more natural.”
Professor Emeritus Juha Varrela, DDS, PhD, Specialist in Orthodontics, Institute of Dentistry, University of Turku, Finland

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