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LM-Activator™ is an activator and aligner for orthodontic treatment. With LM-Activator™, alignment, leveling and anteroposterior correction can be done at the same time without separate phases. A large assortment of models makes it possible to select the appropriate LM-Activator™ for the patient without need for individual modifications. Treatment complexity for both the clinician and the patient can be reduced. LM-Activator™ is developed and made in Finland.

LM-Activator™ is the first generation of LM-Activator™ and was introduced in 2004. LM-Activator™ has been used by a million of patients around the world for correcting malocclusions and guiding the teeth and jaw to a healthy grow.

LM-Activator™ 2 is the second generation of LM-Activator™ appliances. The models are the same as in LM-Activator™, LOW and HIGH with shorter or longer molar sections: SHORT and LONG. In addition there are two alternative arch widths, NARROW (regular width) and WIDE for all models. A model with incisal reinforcement for increased durability, REINFORCED is available for all LM-Activator™ 2 models.

The choice of model should always be based on an examination and diagnosis done by or under supervision of a specialist in orthodontic treatment.

The 20th Anniversary of LM-Activator™

This year, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of LM-Activator™. For 20 years, LM-Activator™ has been helping children by correcting dental arches and creating beautiful smiles!