Hand instrumentation

Key features

Succeed with LM-Arte restorative instruments

LM-Arte™ instrument series is developed in collaboration with StyleItaliano™, a group of skilled dentists that share our passion of improving dentistry.

LM-Arte™ is a range of innovative instruments for esthetic restorations that is designed especially for composite layering.

LM Sharp Diamond™ sharpen free coated instruments

LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments are completely sharpen free. These instruments are made from exceptionally durable special metal alloy, and its wear resistance is enhanced by a protective micro membrane coating providing excellent sharpness and control.

LM Dual Gracey™ with simply clever tip design

LM Dual Gracey™ instruments combine the benefits of a universal curette and a Gracey curette in one.

The traditional set of four Graceys may be replaced with only two LM Dual Gracey™ instruments: LM-Syntette™ Anterior and LM-Syntette™ for posterior areas.

Choosing sharpening, or sharpen free instruments

There’s some facts to consider when it comes to the sharpness of dental hygiene instruments. See the charts comparing sharpen free instruments and conventional steel instruments that can be sharpened.

LM™ extraction instruments for atraumatic extraction

LM™ extraction instruments are designed to provide as atraumatic extraction as possible. You can extract with confidence and luxate atraumatically.

You can feel the familiar LM™ ergonomics and tactile sensitivity are also in extracting instruments.

LM Dark Diamond™ non-stick coated restorative instruments

Our unique diamond-like coating solution is specifically designed for the non-stick placement and sculpting of composite resin.

Now there is also special edition of LM-Arte™ restorative instruments available with LM Dark Diamond™ coating.

Periodontal instrument designs and their characteristics

Different periodontal instrument designs and model characteristics enable treatment specific and efficient calculus removal.

LM™ diagnostic instruments

Dental diagnostic instruments are essential tools for identifying oral health issues. Our selection include dental mirrors, probes, and explorers. Accurate diagnosis is critical for effective treatment.

Choosing the ergonomic handle

Selecting the appropriate handle for dental instruments is crucial for ensuring optimal clinical performance and reducing hand fatigue.

Factors to consider when choosing a handle include grip comfort, material quality, instrument weight, and tactile sensitivity.