Sharpen-free instruments for prophy and perio

No more sharpening with LM Sharp Diamond™ sharpen free coated instruments

LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments with ergonomic LM-ErgoSense® handle are especially suitable for clinicians who use hand instruments frequently and want to minimize the time spent maintaining dental instruments. These instruments combine optimal characteristics of superior sharpness, tactile sensitivity and comfort.

LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments are well-suited for all forms of scaling. These instruments retain their original functionality, size and shape throughout their lifetime.

Better instruments, better outcomes

The sharpen free instruments are especially suitable for clinicians who want ergonomic, high quality hand instruments that naturally feels good in the hand, but also want to minimize the time spent maintaining dental instruments. The time saved from sharpening can be used for productive work and promotion of health.

Choose sharp and work efficiently.

Sharpness and comfort

LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments are completely sharpen free. These instruments are made from exceptionally durable special metal alloy, and its wear resistance is enhanced by a protective micro membrane coating.

Instruments with LM Sharp Diamond™ coating can be used like normal instruments and are suitable for all forms of depuration. You will enjoy full control and improved tactile sense, while easily shaving off calculus instead of fracturing it.

Choose sharp and work efficiently

Opposites attract. This holds true with high-quality periodontal instruments. Optimally they are razor sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light. A new micro coating made using modern Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology enables LM™ to create LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments combining these features optimally: they are completely sharpen free, tough but refined.

  • Savings of time & money
  • Long-lasting superior sharpness
  • Highest rated ergonomics with sensational grip*
  • Improved productivity & clinical results
Reference studies: *(1) Sormunen E., Nevala N: Evaluation of ergonomics and usability of dental scaling instruments; Dental scaling simulation and Field study, part III. Finnish Institute of Occupational Health, LM-Instruments Oy. (2) Nevala N, Sormunen E, Remes J, Suomalainen K: Ergonomic and productivity evaluation of scaling instruments in dentistry. The Ergonomics Open Journal 2013; 6, 6-12. ** Leppäniemi J. et all: The influence of PVD coatings on the wear performance of steel dental currettes. Key Engineering Materials Vol. 674 (2016), 289-295. 

With LM Sharp Diamond™, I’m not just doing my job – I’m perfecting it.

” I love LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments. As a regular user, their superior sharpness, tactile sensitivity, and comfort have truly made a difference in my practice.

With the ergonomic LM-ErgoSense® handle, these instruments feel like natural extensions of my hands, perfectly designed for all forms of scaling. What’s truly impressive is their durability. These instruments maintain their original functionality, size, and shape throughout their lifetime, freeing me from frequent maintenance. This saved time is better spent promoting health and crafting beautiful smiles.

The standout feature? Their sharpen free design. Crafted from a durable special metal alloy and enhanced with a protective micro membrane coating, these tools are built to last, enabling me to work efficiently effortlessly. My personal favorite is the LM Dual Gracey™. It’s more than just an instrument; it’s my partner in delivering exceptional oral health care.

With LM Sharp Diamond™ I’m not just doing my job – I’m perfecting it.

I choose to work smart. I choose to work efficiently. I choose LM Sharp Diamond™.

Dr. Joy Void-Holmes,
RDH, BSDH, DHSc, CEO / Founder of Dr. Joy

Comparing sharpen free and conventional instrument features

Switching from conventional to sharpen free instruments a small clinic allows to reduce costs significantly, even 10 000€, in one year.
Sharpen free instruments can retain their sharpness for 82% longer compared to resharpening instruments, which tend to lose their sharpness more quickly.
Sharpen free instruments maintain their original design, shape, and angulation consistently throughout their entire lifespan.

Have you already tried the following unique instruments?

NEW! Four new instruments with sharpen free coating launched

There is 4 new instruments published to compliment LM Sharp Diamond™ sharpen free instrument line. Universal curette Mini McCall 13S-14S in now available as sharpen free, and three sickles are new instrument designs to LM™ hand instrument range: Sickle NV1 and Sickle NV2, and Sickle LM23 Slim.

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LM-SharpJack™ presents thin blades and optimally angled shank

LM-SharpJack™ sickle scaler features extra long, thin blades for convenient interproximal access presenting the most popular scaler design in the US. The shank is optimally angled to universally adapt in anterior and posterior regions.

The instrument is available with ergonomic LM-ErgoSense® handle and sharpen free coating for maximum comfort.

LM Dual Gracey™ instruments with sharpen free coating

The LM Dual Gracey™ concept, combining Gracey curettes and universal curettes, enables fewer instruments to be used. The traditional set of four Graceys may be replaced with only two LM Dual Gracey™ instruments: Syntette and Syntette™ Anterior.