Non-stick coating solution

Diamond-like feel & precision

Unique diamond-like coating for restorative instruments

Restorative instruments with LM Dark Diamond™ non-stick coating are ideal for placing and contouring of composite resins. The diamond-like coating on instrument tips reduces stickiness and allows pleasant and precise restorative instrumentation.

Contemporary coating offers unique benefits

  • Exclusive diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating on instrument tip reduces stickiness for smooth composite placement and sculpting of composite resin
  • Hard surface protects the tip from scratches
  • Smooth surface for easy cleaning
  • Dark coating color maximizes contrast against fillings, and minimizes reflections
  • Ergonomic LM-ErgoSense® instrument handle delivers excellent precision and feel

“Since trying the Dark Diamond instruments, I have replaced all my old house-brand restorative instruments. Resin composite does not stick to the LM-ErgoSense instruments, so they are a real joy to use.”
– DDS, FAGD Joshua Austin


New LM-Arte™ Dark Diamond edition

LM-Arte™ Dark Diamond instruments are the newest outcome of StyleItaliano™ and LM-Dental™ collaboration. Hear from the experts what its is like working with LM Dark Diamond™ coated instruments.

The sensitivity, flexibility and precision are the same as with conventional LM-Arte™ instruments, but the LM Dark Diamond™ coating eliminates the issue of resin sticking to spatulas, even for the most delicate resins.
– Dr. Paulo Monteiro, Honorary Member of StyleItaliano™

Non-stick coated instrument product range