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To get your issue resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible, please follow the LM-Dental™ product return policy specified below. This return policy applies to all the products manufactured by LM-Dental™, including dental hand instruments & supporting products, orthodontic appliances, and ultrasonic and air polishing devices.

Note: if you are an end user and you are not satisfied with your LM™ product, please turn to your dental depot first. They will be happy to help you with your questions and any possible return.

How to return products to LM-Instruments Oy

  1. Fill in the Customer Service Form prior to any product return shipment.
  2. Send the Customer Service Form to Please attach also a copy of the invoice so we can determine the status of the warranty.
  3. In return you will get a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) number. Mark this number on the package and on the shipment documents. Unauthorized shipments will be returned to the sender at the sender’s expense. Due to the contamination risk, please note that all instruments and other products have to be autoclaved/sterilized/ disinfected before shipping. This requirement is statutory. Please sign the Customer Service Form (an electronic signature is not valid) and send it with the returned items.
  4. We will respond to you with a full report of our investigations within three (3) weeks of receiving the product(s).

Where To send the products:

LM-Instruments Oy
Norrbyn rantatie 8
FI-21600 Parainen

For more information, please contact

Tel. +358 2 45 46 400

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