When should periodontal instruments be replaced? Working with sharpen-free instruments


Webinar series for ergonomics and periodontal instrumentation by RDH Tatiana Brandt. Learn about the risk factors for musculoskeletal disorders associated with periodontal instrumentation and how to prevent them. Webinar recordings from September-October 2020, part 3/3.

 When Should Periodontal Instruments be Replaced? Working with Sharpen Free Instruments.

  • Why should we care about dull instruments?
  • How often do we really sharpen each of our instruments.
  • Prolonging instruments use-life. Sharpening or recontouring.
  • When do we need to replace?
  • Working with sharpen free instruments.

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Tatiana Brandt, RDH Med (Master Degree in Health Education and Health Promotion)

  • I have been practicing clinical dental hygiene for 17 years, and worked for the Department of Odontology and Periodontology at the Copenhagen School of Dentistry.
  • Board member of Danish Society of Periodontology.
  • For the last 10 years, I have been clinical lecturer at the School of Oral Health Care, Faculty of Health and Medical Science, University of Copenhagen.
  • Speaker and course provider for LM-Dental™ and Plandent.
  • My main interest is advanced periodontal instrumentation, ergonomics and prevention of MSD in hands and wrists