LM-Arte™ restorative instruments

LM-Arte™for esthetic layering success

LM-Arte™ is a range of innovative instruments for esthetic restorations that is designed especially for composite layering. Each instrument is color-coded and named after its main function, enabling you to administer easy, efficient and quick restorative treatments. The lightweight and ergonomic LM™ handle design, together with high-quality tip materials, provides excellent tactile sensitivity and easy handling for the best clinical results.

NEW! LM-Arte™ Dark Diamond non-stick edition

LM Dark Diamond™ exclusive non-stick coated instruments are ideal for placing and contouring of composite resins. The dark color of the coating offers minimal reflections, and maximum contrast against composite. Hard and smooth surface allows for pleasant and precise restorative instrumentation protecting the tip from scratches and being easy to clean.

There are five excellent LM-Arte™ instruments selected to this special non-stick coated edition available as separate instruments but also as a ready-made set in LM-Servo™ instrument cassette. 
LM-Arte™ Dark Diamond set

NEW! Replicate easily with LM-Arte™ Replica Posterior

LM-Arte™ Replica Posterior is a clever instrument designed for simplifying occlusal modeling of posterior teeth in direct composite restorations. The instrument makes occlusal modeling fast, simple and predictable. Occlusal anatomy of single tooth can be made easily guided by the buccal cusps using replica technique with this specific instrument. Posterior modeling with simple steps: adapt, shape and replicate. Check out the “How-to-Use” -video and more information on the product page.
LM-Arte™ Replica Posterior

LM-Arte™ instrument series is developed in collaboration with StyleItaliano™, a group of skilled dentists that share our passion of improving dentistry.

StyleItaliano™ is a growing community of skilled dental practitioners who contribute their ideas to bring more simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures.

The StyleItaliano™ movement emerged from a simple idea of two friends – Dr. Walter Devoto and Dr. Angelo Putignano. The renowned experts in conservative and esthetic dentistry had noticed that although materials suitable for creating beautiful direct restorations were available, appropriate instruments for employing these successfully were lacking. With LM-Dental™’s dedication to manufacturing excellence the unique concept of LM-Arte™ instruments was developed, and it has been a breakthrough in esthetic dentistry.

The community has grown a lot from its founding days and is today reaching thousands of dentists on social media, through illustrative demo videos, courses, lectures and conferences. Click on the links below to learn more.