LM™ extraction instruments

Extract with confidence and luxate atraumatically

Familiar LM™ ergonomics and tactile sensitivity in extracting instruments

  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to hold and easy to rotate
  • Secure LMErgoTouch™ surface offering light, non-slip grip
  • Well-balanced providing controlled grip
  • Lightweight causing less strain on the hands
  • Clear color-coding for easy identification
  • LM-DuraGradeMAX™ supersteel for strong and sharp blades
  • Tight seam at blade juncture is hygienic

LM-LiftOut™ luxation instruments for atraumatic extraction

LM-LiftOut™ instruments allow teeth to be extracted as atraumatically as possible. This is important to enable rapid healing and future implant placement.

LM-SlimLift™ luxation instruments for extremely narrow spaces

The LM-SlimLift™ instruments are especially designed to reach the spaces that cannot be accessed with traditional luxation instruments. This allows teeth to be extracted as atraumatically as possible, which is important to enable rapid healing.

LM-TwistOut™ elevators for forceful extraction

LM-TwistOut™ instruments are suitable for extracting teeth in situations where strong force or torque must be applied.

“Thin LM-SlimLift™ instruments – a genuinely more atraumatic solution”

MD, DDS, D.Med.Sc, Oral Surgeon Peter Jungell, Helsinki, Finland

“I currently use the LM-SlimLift™ instruments for nearly all extractions. I also use my older preferred luxation instruments, while my use of traditional ones has become less frequent.

LM™’s thin luxation instrument can enter even particularly narrow periodontal spaces. When wide instruments are used, the luxating force is spread over a wider area to the sides and deeper toward the tip of the roots, meaning that the risk of fracture to the fragile roots, in particular, is considerably reduced. The majority of extractions can be performed with luxation instruments, without the need for any other operative measures.

The design and material of the LM-SlimLift™ instrument make it possible to get an excellent grip on the instrument.

At first touch, the handles might even feel too big, but in clinical work I have noticed they fit the hand perfectly. The instrument can be held either on the palm of your hand or just by your fingers. It is easy
to pick a suitable instrument for any clinical need from the broad range of sizes. The wide blades are appropriate for extracting the lower molars, while the narrow tips are perfect for extracting the narrow roots of the upper teeth, for example.

I can recommend the LM-SlimLift™ instruments to all dentists: It makes sense to abandon old and poorly functioning instruments altogether. Too often you hear of cases where treatment of the root has taken close to two hours.”

“This LM-TwistOut™ elevator from LM™ is specifically designed for torque applications”

Bite Magazine, August 2014 by Dr. Davis Lakatos, Complete Dentistry, Kilcoy, QLD Australia

”I came across this LM-TwistOut™ elevator at the Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne last year. As we’re a rural practice and probably see a few more extractions than in a city area it’s a very handy tool. 

I find that luxators are often quite fine and if a little too much pressure is applied, they tend to bend or break. This elevator from LM™ is specifically designed for torque applications.

I use this elevator for all extractions and have the full range of straight and angled models in all sizes. It’s a very sturdy, simple tool that makes extractions much easier to perform.

I had often wondered why there wasn’t a more sturdy luxator on the market but, as it turns out, this elevator was exactly what I was looking for.”