Aesthetic Layering – Succeed with LM-Arte™

LM-Arte™ is an innovative set of instruments for aesthetic restorations. We developed them in cooperation with Style Italiano, a group of dentists specializing in aesthetic restoration.

LM-Arte™ instruments are especially designed for composite layering. They are made of high-quality and non-stick LM-DuraGradeMax™ – supersteel with exceptional polish. Each instrument is color coded and named for its main function in the restoration process.

LM-Arte™ Solo – Instrument Duo For Simplifying Your Daily Cases

These instruments are ideal for simplifying your daily cases: with just
two instruments, you can perform most of your high-end anterior
and posterior restorations.

LM-Arte™ Solo instruments simplify everything from modeling to ergonomics and even hygiene, with fewer instruments needed on the tray. Streamline your restorative instrumentation with this duo that is all you need for your daily anterior and posterior direct composite restoration cases.

LM-Arte™ Sculpt Masterpieces

LM-Arte™ Instrument series is developed in collaboration with Style Italiano, a group of skilled dentists that share our passion of improving dentistry

StyleItaliano is a growing community of skilled dental practitioners who contribute their ideas to bring more simplicity and predictability into everyday dental procedures.

The Style Italiano movement emerged from a simple idea of two friends – Walter Devoto and Angelo Putignano. The recognized experts in conservative and aesthetic dentistry had observed that materials allowing for the creation of beautiful direct restorations were available, but there was a lack of appropriate concepts for their successful use.

The community has grown a lot from its founding days and is today reaching thousands of dentists on social media, through illustrative demo videos, courses, lectures and conferences. Click on the links below to learn more.