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Mini Spatula DD

LM-ErgoSense® LM 444-445DD ES
  • Description
  • LM Dark Diamond™ coated instruments

New LM-ErgoSense® LM Dark Diamond™ instruments with non-stick coating for easy placing and contouring of composite resins.

  • For placing and contouring composite

The diamond like LM Dark Diamond™ coating reduces the stickiness and allows for pleasant and precise restorative instrumentation. The coating makes the surface of the tip extremely smooth and hard and allows for non-stick application and modeling of composite.

LM Dark Diamond™ instruments can be cleaned and sterilized similarly to all other LM instruments.

LM Dark Diamond™ instruments give you unparalleled control when placing and contouring composite resins. Our diamond-like non-stick coating releases and glides over resins, allowing greater precision and simplifying the restoration process.

Comfort and Sensitivity

LM-ErgoSense® handles are unmatched for comfort and sensitivity. They give excellent tactile feedback and make the instrument lighter, more responsive, and easier to work with.

Improved Visibility

Black working surfaces of LM Dark Diamond™ instruments contrast with teeth and resins. You can work more efficiently because you see clearly how the restoration is progressing.

LM Dark Diamond™ Features

  • Hard, non-stick coating allows greater precision
  • Soft silicone grip is comfortable and gives excellent tactile response
  • Maximum contrast makes restoration more efficient
  • Durable, slick surface is easy to clean

Choose the Right Ergonomic Handle to Fit Your Hand

Every year, you hold dental instruments in your hands for about 2,000 hours. The right fit can make your work more efficient and productive. The wrong fit can lead to repetitive-stress problems in your hands and arms.

Details Make the Difference

We make LM-Dental™ instruments with a variety of handle types. Elastic silicone coatings and optimized contours fit your hands and give you the perfect grip. Extensive research ensures that LM-Dental™ instruments are the perfect weight and diameter for easy manipulation.

Bright Colors for Easy Identification

The refreshing colors of LM-ErgoSense®, LM-ErgoMax™ and LM-ErgoNom instruments brighten your practice. Color also helps you identify the instruments you want during procedures and maintenance.

The Right Handle for Every Purpose


Research has shown these larger handles to be ergonomic and efficient, and the excellent grip gives you more control. You can choose LM-ErgoSense® handles with RFID tagging. Tagged instruments are compatible with the LM Dental Tracking System™ for improved patient safety and asset management (see more on dentaltracking.com).


This is the classic ergonomic design, unique to LM-Dental™, that other companies attempt to copy. Excellent tactile sensitivity and relaxed grip make it ideal for all clinical procedures.


For light procedures, thinner LM-ErgoNom handles give you excellent grip and sensitivity.

Special Handles


Interchangeable tips make the LM-ErgoMix™ handle economical and reduce waste. (For selected instruments.)


These curved handles allow you better access to hard-to-reach areas. (For selected instruments.)


This well-balanced mirror handle gives you better reach to make your work easier.