Testing the sharpness

are your instruments sharp enough?


LM-Fingo™ sharpening test stick works like any other test stick, but while it is on your finger it’s easier to hold and avoid slipping.

Sharpness is quick and easy to test by drawing the instrument lightly in its working position along LM-Fingo™. Sharp instrument will bite into the stick and you can continue to use the instrument. If the blade glides along the surface it is time to resharpen or replace the instrument.

There are two LM-Fingos™ on the sides of LM-RondoPlus™ sharpening machine to test the sharpness. You can buy LM-Fingo™ testing sticks also separately. Sticks can be used mounted on the side of the machine, or on the finger as adviced in the video.


LM-RondoPlus™ sharpening machine

By sharpening with the LM-RondoPlus™ sharpening machine you can keep your instruments sharp easily and quickly.

Regular sharpening of dental hand instruments is the foundation of safe and high-quality treatments. Working with sharp instruments reduces the strain on your hands and enhances safety.

LM-RondoPlus™ is compact and always ready to use, and sharpening of one instrument takes only a few seconds.