Facts to consider regarding sharpness of dental instruments

  • The lifespan of a dental instrument typically ranges from 6 to 18 months, depending on usage frequency and handling techniques.
  • To ensure optimal performance, most hygienists recommend sharpening instruments at least every two weeks. Prolonged use without regular sharpening can result in dullness and less effective work, leading to reduced patient comfort and satisfaction.
  • A significant number of instruments are often used for longer durations than recommended, leading to diminished performance due to bluntness.
  • While sharpening is crucial for maintaining sharpness, excessive sharpening can alter the original cutting shape and angularity, leading to reduced instrument durability and an increased risk of breakage.
  • It is of outmost importance for hygienists to utilize instruments that are sharp, as sharp scalers not only minimize fatigue and ergonomic strain for hygienists but also lead to enhanced patient comfort.

Easy sharpening with LM-Rondolus™

Regular maintenance of dental hand instruments is the foundation of safe and high quality treatments. In addition to cleanliness, instrument condition has a significant impact on the end result of a treatment as well as your and your patient’s safety. When discussing hand instruments, a critical factor is the instrument blade. Only working with sharp instruments will ensure an optimal treatment result.

LM-RondoPlus™ is a simple and reliable sharpening machine, which is suitable for use with all hand instruments that can be resharpened. LM-RondoPlus™ sharpens all hand instruments easily, quickly and precisely.

Regular sharpening allows you to work with a sharp instrument, which reduces the amount of strain on your hand and enhances safety from one treatment to the next. The service life of a regularly sharpened instrument is also longer than one that is not maintained well.

LM-RondoPlus™ features


Sharpening hand instruments is easy with the right tools. Different sharpening needs and individual sharpening techniques were taken into consideration in the design of LM-RondoPlus™. LM-RondoPlus™ sharpens both convex and straight cutting edges, while preserving the original form of the blade.


LM-RondoPlus™ is always ready to use. You can sharpen hand instruments quickly and reliably in just a few seconds. LM-RondoPlus™ allows you to sharpen without any complex adjustments, instrument mounts or grinding solutions. The foot pedal further enhances user comfort.


LM-RondoPlus™ sharpens instruments at a low rotational speed. The instrument blade does not heat up and its steel properties are not altered. What’s more, blade wear is kept to a minimum.