Sharpen free instruments

Today’s RDH Offer:
Buy 3 LM-Dental™ sharpen-free instruments and get 1 free

Tired of sharpening your instruments?
Don’t have the time?

LM-Dental™ created LM Sharp Diamond™ sharpen-free instruments to eliminate the tedious, time-consuming task of sharpening. These instruments are specifically designed for practitioners who want ergonomic, high-quality instruments that feel great and do not ever require sharpening.

How can this be?
Are they really sharpen-free?

Yes, they really are sharpen-free. LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments are produced using modern Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) technology. An advanced DLC micro-coating is applied over a harder carbide-enhanced alloy. This structure makes the instruments razor sharp, extremely hard, yet smooth and light.

LM Sharp Diamond™ instruments’ lifespan is similar to other high-quality instruments – the huge advantage and the main difference is the elimination of the sharpening. If you prefer sharpening your instruments, LM™ also offers a conventional line of curettes that can be sharpened with the same advanced ergonomics—the choice is yours!

Limited time offer:

Place your order at and use promo code KARA3+1 at the checkout. Add 4 instruments to the shopping cart to get the 3+1 promo. There is no need to set up an account; as a dental professional, your order can be shipped to your office or your home—your call.  

This offer expires on December 31, 2023. U.S. only.

To purchase from another dental dealer, redeem this offer by submitting a copy of your dealer invoice to, and please remember to list your qualifying free goods in your email.