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First-class handpiece ergonomics

LM-ProPower™ UltraLED handpieces are equipped with impressive LED lights that effectively illuminate the treatment area, providing optimal visibility and reducing eye strain.

A comfortable, non-slip grip is attained with the exchangeable LM-ErgoGrip™ silicone sleeves. The handpieces have smooth outer surface making them easy to clean and wipe. In the ultrasonic handpiece the water regulation is embedded, allowing easy and quick adjustment of spray. LM-ErgoGrip™ Focus LED with focused lens guarantees a comfortable, non-slip grip and good tactile sensitivity. The soft material dampens the vibrations and keeps your hands warm, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and blood circulation problems. LM-ErgoGrips™ are removable and possible to reprocess, disposing of the need for buying several expensive handpieces. A few LM-ErgoGrips™ will keep your practise running effectively patient after patient.