Chosen by the clinician

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We are starting a new concept called “Chosen by the clinician“. This concept aims to introduce some LM-Dental™ hand instruments and demonstrate through step-by-step clinical cases how these instruments are used to perform outstanding treatment results. The important part of the concept is to collaborate with dental experts and Key Opinion Leaders to develop recommended treatment cases. In the future we plan to have recommendations for dental treatments covering various expertise areas like prophylaxis, periodontics, restorations, extraction, endodontics. We trust that such recommendations by experts showing their technique and presenting their chosen instruments will be really intriguing!

We are now kicking off the concept together with RDH and clinical lecturer Tatiana Brandt (School of Oral Health Care, University of Copenhagen) who presents three treatment cases with the chosen instruments for effective periodontal instrumentation. Check the detailed presentations of all three cases under the References section!