Pioneer in instrument ergonomics

The ergonomics has been the guiding light of our product development since the establishment of the company.

Whether you are a dentistry professional, student, or a patient, we have taken your needs to heart. Together we develop and manufacture equipment which make dental care safe, efficient and pleasant.



LM-Dental™ was founded in a small garage workshop in the Finnish archipelago back in 1972. Our Nordic roots have been the bedrock of innovative and high-quality dental products that are trusted by dental professionals and patients around the world


First oversized handle

Ergonomics was one of the first key concepts for our product lines, and oversized handles were the first step on that path.


First color coded handles

One of our main innovations, and what our brand is mostly known for are the color coded handles, first introduced in 1980.


Silicone handle LM-ErgoNorm™

Ergonomics were further enhanced by the first silicone handles.


Oversized silicone handle LM-ErgoMax™

The year 1995 marked the year for our first oversized silicone handles LM-ErgoMax™.


Silicone handle LM-ErgoSense® and first smart instrument with integrated RFID tracking tag

The outcome of intense research and cooperation with dental clinicians was the LM-ErgoSense® instruments with even more ergonomic grip and with possibility to integrate a trackable RFID tag into the handle.

Silicone handle LM-ErgoSense®


Sharpen free LM Sharp Diamond™

Exceptionally durable sharpen free coated instruments came to our product line in 2016, and marked the new era in minimize the time spent maintaining dental instruments

Forerunner also in other product categories


Introduction to market of LM-Activator™

In 2004 the company ventured into new product categories, in the form of LM-Activator™, the innovative early orthodontic treatment method.


LM DTS™, first tracking system for dental products

LM Dental Tracking System™ is designed to provide a unified solution in the field of dentistry: automating traceability, logistics, and infection control documentation via smart RFID technology

Introduction of LM-Activator™ Gen 2

Second generation of the LM-Activator™ was also introduced.


LM-Activator™ used by more than 1 million children worldwide

Year 2020 marked a true highlight for the company, as 1 million children around the world were using our early orthodontic treatment method.