Strategic business unit LM DTS™

The best intraction through good cooperation

Strategic Business Unit LM DTS™ is specialized in delivering LM Dental Tracking System™ (LM DTS™) to meet today’s customer requirements. LM DTS™ customers are educational institutions and public sectors. The system consists of scanning readers, proprietary server software and dental instruments and materials with RFID tags or other identifiers like barcodes. Using suitable technologies such as RFID enables customers to track and monitor assets in real time – where the assets are, when they have been returned and who has used them and much more. Depending on the customer LM DTS™ can be configured to suit their needs

A distinct business unit

The LM DTS™ team consists of nine core members. According to Juuso Huusko, the Head of Business Unit, the team must keep up with the latest technology trends and how they evolve. ” Utilizing technology to serve customer needs is our job. The team is a mix of smart introverts and extroverts whose expertise complete each other. Some of them have a strong background in software development and others are in the first decade of their working path. In addition to software developers, we also have commercially minded experts, technical know-how, and professionals with project management experience.”

The business unit collaborates tightly with the other LM-Dental™ departments such as sales, marketing, and supply chain. Seamless cross-functional communication is the key to delivering the best customer experience. This ensures that all departments share valuable insights and collaborate to meet customer needs and expectations related to LM DTS™. The LM DTS™ unit works very closely with the sales team as they know the customers, their needs and requirements regarding LM DTS™. “As a distinct business unit, we regard the other LM™ teams as our valued customers. This approach ensures that we collaborate effectively toward shared objectives. Specifically, when supporting the sales team, our commitment extends beyond individual sales projects to cover ongoing assistance. ”Comments Tomi Muuri, LM DTS™ Program Manager.

Support for the customer throughout the entire purchasing process

Initially designed for instrument tracking, LM DTS™ has evolved to meet various needs in dental clinics seamlessly. Joakim Nordling, serving as a Technical Sales Specialist, oversees customer projects for both current and prospective clients, collaborating closely with the sales organization and dealers. “I proactively engage with customers, leveraging LM DTS™, to provide tailored solutions for their needs when they face challenges at work in dental clinics or educational institutions. My colleagues and I ensure comprehensive support for the customer throughout the entire purchasing process. Each customer case varies from another and that makes my job interesting and challenging.”