Max Johansson -Career story

R&D Quality Specialist

LM-Dental™ hires quality expert through recruitment training

Max Johansson’s path to LM-Dental™ was not the usual one. After his job as quality manager in a start-up company that originated from the university ended, he was accepted through recruitment training to an internship at LM-Dental™. Max, who is proactive and active, quickly earned his place as a quality specialist in product development.

Before joining LM-Dental™, Max Johansson had worked for a long time at the University in the Department of Inorganic Chemistry, working on materials research. Based on a project initiated at the University, a start-up company was founded that designed and manufactured medical devices. Max joined the company as a quality manager and worked there for just over three years until the company’s funding ended.

“When the work ended there, I got the opportunity to think about the next step in my career. I noticed the Sarasen HealthTech Academy recruitment training, which was also looking for a documentation writer for LM-Dental™,” Max says.

“In the very first interview with LM-Dental™, I got a really good feeling about this company. And this is where I stayed.”

Permanent position quickly confirmed

Johansson started his six-month internship as a documentation writer in the product development team as part of the recruitment training. Although he was not employed by the company during his internship, he was treated like any other “full-fledged employee.”

“It was very significant for me that a permanent position was offered after just two months, even though the employer could have waited longer to make a decision,” Max says.

“This had a big impact on work motivation. It’s different to work when you know that the work will continue and you don’t have to worry about what will happen after the internship.”

Diverse job description and responsibilities

The diversity of the workforce, for example, employees from different backgrounds, has been shown to strengthen companies’ expertise and culture. LM-Dental™ also quickly noticed that Max had skills and abilities for more diverse tasks. His main task now is to maintain and develop the legal technical documentation for medical devices.

“In practice, my job involves much more, as responsibilities have increased along the way and collaboration with different teams has deepened. I have also been active and taken responsibility myself,” Max says.

“Right now, there is a lot of work to do, as the medical device regulation is changing. Product development and production work closely together, and I try to act as a link between production manufacturing documents and technical documents.”

“As a chemist, I have also been able to utilize my knowledge of metal corrosion in product development,” he adds.

Good work environment and benefits

Max praises LM-Dental’s™ work environment many times.

“From the first day, everyone helped and was friendly. Although there was a lot of learning and new tools involved in starting, what stood out the most was LM-Dental’s™ friendly, open atmosphere.” Max also mentions LM-Dental’s™ employment benefits and flexible working hours as advantages. “Although office workers have the possibility of partial remote work, the atmosphere and mood of the workplace encourage coming to the office. The good side of being present is also that you can better join the work community.” Max encourages boldly to apply for LM-Dental’s ™ open positions. “LM-Dental™ is a really nice place to work. We have a fantastic team and group. It couldn’t be better,” he recommends.”