Juuso Huusko – Career story

Head of Strategic Business Unit, Dental Tracking System

Appealing tasks made Juuso want to come back

Juuso Huusko heads the LM Dental Tracking System™ (LM DTS™) unit, overseeing the company’s newest business segment in Parainen. As a member of the executive team, Juuso is at the forefront of the company’s strategic planning.

Juuso’s career path at LM-Dental™ began in 2012, when he started leading sales in the EU and Latin America. Following organizational changes and the retirement of the former CEO, Juuso quickly took on more responsibility, becoming a member of the executive team and the leader of the sales team.

Over the years, his role expanded into product management and marketing. In 2019, he began leading the sales and marketing team called Market Ops. After a brief hiatus outside the company, Juuso returned to LM-Dental™ in August 2023, bringing with him fresh ideas and deeper understanding.

”It was nice to come back. I particularly enjoy the diverse workdays and the right amount of challenges that keep the mind alert. Internationality offers the opportunity see the world, meet different people, and encounter various cultures.”

Aiming for more efficient and safer dental care

Juuso’s team consists of nine multi-disciplinary experts whose skills complement each other. The team includes a technical sales support specialist, a product portfolio manager, customer support personnel, and software developers. Together, they develop LM DTS™ products that meet the needs of universities and public health care systems in their main markets in the United States and the Nordic countries, as well as elsewhere in Europe.

LM DTS™ is an intelligent system that enables the identification, tracking, and management of instruments and materials used in dental clinics. The system consists of three components: tagged instruments and materials, readers, and software. With our system, we aim to help dental professionals eliminate the need for cumbersome manual processes and provide them with the opportunity to use their time and effort more efficiently in patient care.

“We are now focusing more on our customers’ needs, developing solutions that bring transparency and efficiency to clinic operations.”

An international, encouraging and flexible workplace

LM-Dental™ has grown from a small family business to an international player in a dynamic industry. Juuso encourages applying for a position at LM-Dental™ highlighting the company’s stability, good employee benefits, and opportunities for individual career development.

“In one sentence, internationality and flexibility make LM-Dental™ an attractive employer that respects its employees’ career paths.”