Jaakko Lento – Career story

A developing company and role keep the mind engaged

A developing company and role keep the mind engaged

Jaakko finds energy from developing and diverse work.

Jaakko Lento, a 36-year-old engineer residing in Parainen, serves as the Engineering Team Leader in Product Development at LM-Dental™. He leads a team of five experts focused on innovation and the development of new products.

Jaakko’s journey at LM-Dental™ began in November 2015 when, after gaining a few years of design experience, he decided to take a risk and apply for a temporary position as a product development engineer.

“Taking that risk paid off, as I was made a permanent employee. During the organizational changes, I temporarily assumed the role of Head of Product Development. It was during this transition that an engineering team was established, which I have had the privilege of leading for about three years now.”

MBA studies provide new tools for work

Jaakko has contributed to all of the company’s product lines, with his responsibilities consistently expanding. He is currently pursuing an MBA in Business Management at the University of Applied Sciences. Jaakko finds his studies intriguing and supportive of his management skills. Successfully combining studies with work, he appreciates the flexible structure of the program.

“The most rewarding aspects of leading the engineering team are the diversity of tasks and the challenges they bring. I enjoy managing a proactive team and engaging in extensive collaboration with experts from various fields. The international and interdisciplinary nature of our work makes it both educational and varied – perfectly suited for a restless soul like mine.”

A developing company and role keep the mind engaged

Jaakko is content working at LM-Dental™, feeling no urge to seek employment elsewhere, as professional development keeps his inquisitive mind lively.

“My time at LM-Dental™ has provided numerous opportunities for career progression in tandem with the company’s growth. I am pleased with my dynamic job role, which offers ample challenge and responsibility. Being proactive and eager to enhance my skills at work has propelled me further along my career path.”