Veterinary products


High-quality dental instruments for veterinary dentistry

Like every true professional we also aim for the ultimate perfection in our work. LM-Dental™ devotes its entire product development and production process to achieve the best possible quality in all our products for you to have the very best tools to work with. We deliver the highest of quality to guarantee your success in the treatment results.

We are proud to present a specified LM-ErgoVet™ product line of veterinary dental instruments to meet the needs of the veterinarian dentistry.

Ergonomic instrument handle design

LM-ErgoVet™ diagnostic and periodontal hand instruments have an ergonomic silicone LM-ErgoMax™ handle. It’s classic handle design which functions well in all clinical procedures and provides a lightweight and controlled non-slip grip.

Clear color-coding together with name and product code number on the handle eases the identification of the instrument during clinical procedures and maintenance.

LM™ instrument features and benefits

  • LM-DuraGradeMAX™ supersteel with strong and sharp cutting edges, high metal wear resistance
  • Ergonomic design is comfortable to hold
  • Elastic silicone coating offers light, non-slip grip
  • Well-balanced for controlled grip
  • Tight seem at blade juncture makes instruments easy to keep clean
  • Lightweight causes less strain on the hands
  • Clear color-coding for easy identification