Ultrasonics and air polishing

Pleasantly powerful LM-ProPower™ CombiLED

LM-ProPower™ – three attributes of excellence


LM-Dental™ has always considered ergonomics as one of the main points when designing dental instruments. In LM-ProPower™ our devotion shows in the miscellany of high-quality elements, constituting a multifaceted power tool engineered to meet the needs of modern day dentistry.


For us, settling for mediocrity is not an option. Due to features designed to reduce the need of costly accessories, LM-ProPower™ stands for two qualities often considered as opposite extremes – economics and excellence.


Cleanliness plays a great role in all the areas of health care, dentistry being no exception. LM-ProPower™ has high standard of hygiene that is obtained through design emphasizing reprocessing and easy, automated cleaning functions.

Choose synergy

Complementary instrumentation enables easier and effective procedures. LM-Dental™ is the first manufacturer in the world to offer high-quality tools for both manual and mechanical instrumentation. Choosing an optimal combination of hand instruments, ultrasonics and air polishing guarantees the best possible treatment results.

LM-ProPower™ CombiLED

Pleasantly powerful

LM-ProPower™ CombiLED can be used for a wide range of ultrasonic and polishing treatments. It is an ultimate and undisputed power tool for upgrading your working environment to a new level of quality.

Superior visibility with LED lights

  • Optimized light angle offering better focus, concentrated light
  • LM-ErgoGrip™ Focus LED focused lens
  • Six light sources for even distribution of the light
  • One of the most powerful LED lights in the market

The LED light generates no heat in the handpiece and can last for 100 000 hours (30 years). It illuminates the treatment area effectively and guarantees good visibility even through water or powder spray. The optimized color temperature of the light (white-blue color) creates a good contrast, making calculus and stains more visible.

Easy-to-use touch panel

LM-ProPower™ has uncomplicated control board that simplifies the ultrasonic treatment and cleaning processes, allowing you to focus on the essential. Power is adjusted via working mode buttons on the board, each marked with icons similar to the ones on tips. The built-in cleaning system assures a high level of hygiene. It is activated by pressing just one button.

Dynamic foot pedal

Turn the LED light on and off for diagnostics, control the working power within the chosen working mode, use the special water jet teeth cleaning function in polishing and the irrigation function in scaling with the pedal. Leave your hands free for treating the patient

Quick-connect containers

Easily changeable transparent water and powder containers are
attached to the body of the device. The upright positioning of the
containers avoids leakage problems and filling levels of liquid and powder are always clearly visible. The internal water system enables premium hygiene.

Available as built-in

Contact your LM™ distributor for more information on options available for your specific dental care unit.

Ultrasonics beyond traditional

The features of the piezo electronic LM-ProPower™ CombiLED extend to all the areas of ultrasonic treatments. Its wide power range and a vast array of tips make it extremely adjustable for many procedures. This multipurpose device offers ultrasonic solutions for traditional scaling.

Modern piezo technology for efficiency and comfort

LM-ProPower™ piezo scaler has the ultimate power with a delicate touch. It provides you as a clinician an effective treatment and a pleasant dental care for your patient.

In devices with piezo-electric technology, the tip moves in a back-and-forth motion with better control than in older magnetostrictive technology that vibrates the tip more randomly. Piezo allows you to use the tip in a similar way as a curette – the sides of the tip remove calculus just like the edges of a curette – but with higher efficiency. By moving the tip along the side of
a tooth you can direct the vibration right onto the calculus without knocking the enamel or cementum.

A treatment that reduces the pain

Our piezo technology produces a soft shaped sine wave signal which gives a pleasant ultrasonic instrumentation to the patient and prevents the irritation caused by an aggressive power output of an abrupt square signal used in less advanced devices. This results in greater patient convenience. The intelligent feedback electronics automatically sense the working load on the tip and regulate power output

Complete air polishing for perio

LM-ProPower™ CombiLED has premium features that make it a perfect cleaning tool for professional dental care. The combination of nozzles with construction that reduces clogging, a constant precise powder jet and the powerful LED light raise the only polisher in the world with light to a level that has never been reached before.

For the removal of biofilm & stains

LM-ProPower™ CombiLED provides superb visibility in diagnostics of discoloring and stains. Its focused powder spray, adjustable power range and the ergonomic handpiece create perfect conditions for achieving the best polishing effect. The transparent, detachable powder container on the side of the device makes controlling of the filling level easy.

Supragingival treatment with an air polisher is an effective method for prophylaxis treatment and in periodontal maintenance care. Air polisher removes supragingival biofilm, extrinsic plaque and stains safely and precisely. It does not harm the tooth surface or gingiva when used with care and with correct powders.

Air polishing offers a fast and pleasant method for patients

Two differently designed supragingival nozzles are comparable with LM-ProPower™ CombiLED device. Clinician can choose between universal or hooked nozzle depending of their clinical need. LM-ProPower™ CombiLED has a significantly narrower jet compared with other competing devices and is easy to target into the treatment area reducing the risks for soft tissue damage. Nozzles have a construction that reduces clogging by keeping water and powder separate to the the last second.

Ergonomics and hygiene


LM-ProPower™ UltraLED handpieces are equipped with impressive LED lights that effectively illuminate the treatment area, providing optimal visibility and reducing eye strain.

A comfortable, non-slip grip is attained with the exchangeable LM-ErgoGrip™ silicone sleeves. The handpieces have smooth outer surface making them easy to clean and wipe.

First-class handpiece ergonomics and efficiency

LM-ProPower™ Focus LED handpieces with focused lens guarantees a comfortable, non-slip grip and good tactile sensitivity. The soft material dampens the vibrations and keeps your hands warm, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and blood circulation problems.

LM-Ergogrips™ for ergonomics and hygiene

The exchangeable, silicone LM-ErgoGrips™ provide exceptional ergonomics and less strain on the clinicians’ hands. The LM-ErgoGrips™ are removable and can be reprocessed, disposing of the need for buying several expensive handpieces. A few LM-ErgoGrips™ will keep the practise running effectively patient after patient. LM-ErgoGrips™ are available with a selection of bright colors.

Ultrasonic tips and air polishing nozzles

Ultrasonic tips

High wear resistance is one of the most important properties of ultrasonic tips. Resulting from advanced material technological research, improved thermomechanical heat treatments, controlled gas atmosphere and cryogenic processing the steel used in all LM™ tips represents the ultimate in the field of metallurgy.

Air polishing nozzles

Two differently designed supragingival nozzles are comparable with LM-ProPower™ CombiLED device. Clinician can choose between universal or hooked nozzle depending of their clinical need.

Nozzles have a construction that reduces clogging by keeping water and powder separate to the the last second.