LM-ProPower™ AirLED is highly adaptable for several procedures. It is useful method for example in prophylaxis, periodontal treatment, diagnostics of stains and discolorations and implant maintenance treatment. It removes and dissolves effectively supra- and subgingival biofilm.

You are able to use it also for cleaning of plaque from orthodontic patients; for surface preparation prior to placing composite fillings or bonding/cementing prosthetic constructions and cleaning tooth surface prior whitening or shade determination.

Air polishing applications


  • Cleaning before examination

Prophylaxis & Peridontology

  • Removal of stains and plaque
  • Cleaning prior placement of fissure sealants
  • Cleaning before surgery


  • Cleaning before etching


Apical surgery

Prosthetics / Implantology

  • Implant maintenance
  • Cleaning natural teeth before choosing the shade for the prosthesis


  • Cleaning before bleaching


  • Cleaning before bonding
  • Cleaning cemented bands and brackets

Choose synergy

Air polishing is a part of efficient dental treatment together with hand instrumentation and ultrasonic instrumentation. Choosing an optimal combination of hand instruments, ultrasonics and air polishing guarantees the best possible treatment results.