Mirjam Pohjalainen – Career story

Production supervisor and foreman

Hard work pays off – Mirjam grew from a grinder to a foreman

Mirjam Pohjalainen’s first role at LM-Dental™ was a precision grinder in production, a job that required good eye-hand coordination and craftsmanship. Over the years, her job and role have changed enormously. Now, Mirjam works as a production supervisor and foreman.

Mirjam’s first contact with LM-Dental™ was in the early 2000s when she was hired as a grinder. Grinding work requires good eye-hand coordination, something Mirjam had accumulated through various craft-based hobbies.

However, changes in her life situation led her away from LM-Dental™ just a year later.

Returning to Parainen

When Mirjam returned to Parainen 17 years later, fond memories led her to apply again to LM-Dental™.

“LM-Dental™ had remained in my mind as a nice workplace, and I had kept in touch with some people after my employment. I noticed the opportunity to apply here and immediately knew that I wanted to return to LM-Dental™ if it was possible,” Mirjam recalls.

Mirjam has always enjoyed working with her hands: drawing, building, tinkering, and doing crafts. All of these skills are useful in grinding work. Based on her work samples, her grinding skills were still well honed, and a position opened up for her at LM-Dental™.

“The work had a lot in common, but the organizational culture had evolved tremendously in an open and positive direction. The atmosphere was cheerful and relaxed. I immediately felt that I could influence things myself, including my own career and its direction,” Mirjam recalls.

“I was also warmly welcomed. It was really nice when people came to chat and remembered me from 20 years ago.”

First a team leader, then a supervisor

During her 17 years of absence, Mirjam worked as a salesperson, a department head, and a night shift distribution driver for the post office, occasionally filling in for her own supervisor. Mirjam’s ability to train and lead others propelled her career forward at LM-Dental™ as well.

Initially, Mirjam transitioned from a polisher to a trainer of new polishers. When production was reorganized and new teams were established, Mirjam was selected as a team leader and later as the main team leader.

“As the main team leader, I trained other team leaders. Because I also wanted to train myself further, I began an apprenticeship training program for production management while working. Then I was offered a supervisor role and accepted it,” Mirjam describes her career path.

Her job description includes planning meetings, negotiations, leading various projects, and training employees.

“In production, you can see firsthand and concretely how much we invest in quality. Product safety means a really high level of precision at every stage of the job,” Mirjam says.

According to Mirjam, the best part of her job is its variability. No two days are the same.

“Working at LM-Dental™ is very diverse and people-oriented. I want to help others succeed as well as possible with my actions,” Mirjam says.

The opportunity for one’s own career path is open to everyone

In addition to a good atmosphere, Mirjam values, for example, the employer’s willingness to invest in ergonomics and employee well-being.

“Career paths are long here, so it is also extremely important to invest in people’s well-being. We have good work shoes, electric tables and chairs, and of course, the facilities are modern and clean, which makes everyday life pleasant,” she describes.

Mirjam thinks it is particularly great at LM-Dental™ that if you work hard, you can progress.

“Everyone can also be themselves. There are no special criteria for what you should look or sound like in production, but you can get a job just by showing good eye and hand accuracy through work samples.”

“I am proud that we are a Finnish company that does really important work for people’s well-being.”