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Clinical Use

Universal tip for supra- and subgingival scaling. Similar to PE-40H tip, but with a slimmer shape. The new thinner design enables better reachability into approximal spaces and deeper periodontal pockets.

Working mode

Max 70 %

Not available in the US market

Scaling is precision work. Proper ultrasonic instrument selection is of primary importance in achieving complete periodontal debriment. Our wide variety of tips gives you the freedom to choose.

High wear resistance is one of the most important properties of ultrasonic tips. Resulting from advanced material technological research, improved thermomechanical heat treatments, controlled gas atmosphere and cryogenic processing the LM-DuraGradeMAX super steel used in all LM tips represents the ultimate in the field of metallurgy. According to independent studies, LM-DuraGradeMAX has absolutely the best wear resistance on the market.

Optimum power for treatments

LM-ProPower’s working mode coding is marked on every tip with a symbol corresponding to the ones on the devices control board. Choosing the right working mode for the tip used will set the maximum power limit to the recommended level.

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