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Removal of broken instruments

Clinical Use

Tips EN-9, EN-10 and EN-11 are made of titanium and have no diamond coating. They hold a bend if applied forcefully. Titanium tips cut evenly and have an exceptional tactile sense. The small diameter makes them suitable for use in the apical part of root canals. Primary area of use is to isolate and remove broken instruments. Even broken instruments that are firmly stuck in the apical part of the root can often be removed by ultrasonic vibrations. Used in the mid and apical part of a root with illumination and magnification.

Working mode

Max 40 %

Not available in the US market.

Ultrasonic tips can be utilised in many areas in endodontics. They are truly excellent in the removal of posts, the removal of dentin in pulp chambers, finding and widening orifices, preparing canals, removing broken instruments and cleaning prepared canals.

Caution! All endodontic tips are extremely sensitive and if not used correctly or with too much power or force they are subject to breakage. Do not exceed recommended working mode and always place the tip on the tooth surface before turning on the power.

High wear resistance is one of the most important properties of ultrasonic tips. Resulting from advanced material technological research, improved thermomechanical heat treatments, controlled gas atmosphere and cryogenic processing the LM-DuraGradeMAX super steel used in all LM tips represents the ultimate in the field of metallurgy. According to independent studies, LM-DuraGradeMAX has absolutely the best wear resistance on the market.

Optimum power for treatments

LM-ProPower’s working mode coding is marked on every tip with a symbol corresponding to the ones on the devices control board. Choosing the right working mode for the tip used will set the maximum power limit to the recommended level.

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