LM-ProPower™ ultrasonic tips

Choosing the right tip

LM-ProPower™ CombiLED is a versatile ultrasonic device for professional dental care. In addition to scaling and polishing, it brings power to other treatments. Choosing the right tip for the right treatment is essential.


Scaling is precision work. Proper ultrasonic instrument selection is of primary importance in achieving complete periodontal debriment. Our wide variety of tips gives you the freedom to choose.


Ultrasonic tips can be utilized in many areas in endodontics. They are truly excellent in the removal of posts, the removal of dentin in pulp chambers, finding and widening orifices, preparing canals, removing broken instruments and cleaning prepared canals.

Tips EN-10 and EN-11 are made of titanium and have no diamond coating. They hold a bend if applied forcefully. Titanium tips cut evenly and have an exceptional tactile sense. The small diameter makes them suitable for use in the apical part of root canals. Primary area of use is to isolate and remove broken instruments. Even broken instruments that are firmly stuck in the apical part of the root can often be removed by ultrasonic vibrations. Used in the mid and apical part of a root with illumination and magnification.

Endodontics/Apical surgery

The diamond-coated tips are used for opening and clearing the root when doing apical surgery. The long necks of the tips give excellent visibility and the ultrasonic vibrations in combination with the diamond coating give a higher degree of tactility and precision compared to rotating instruments.