Supragingival Air Polishing


Supragingival Air Polishing for the removal of biofilm & stains

Supragingival air polishing

Supragingival treatment with an air polisher is an effective method for prophylaxis treatment and in periodontal maintenance care. Air polisher removes supragingival biofilm, extrinsic plaque and stains safely and precisely. It does not harm the tooth surface or gingiva when used with care and with correct powders.

Air polishing offers a fast and pleasant method for patients

Two differently designed supragingival nozzles are comparable with LM-ProPower™ CombiLED device. Clinician can choose between universal or hooked nozzle depending of their clinical need. LM-ProPower™ CombiLED has a significantly narrower jet compared with other competing devices and is easy to target into the treatment area reducing the risks for soft tissue damage. Nozzles have a construction that reduces clogging by keeping water and powder separate to the the last second.