Power with delicate touch

LM-ProPower™ ultraled handpieceLM-ProPower™ piezo scaler has the ultimate power with a delicate touch. It provides you as a clinician with an effective treatment and for your patient painless dental care. A well-balanced handle with a non-slip LM-ErgoGrip™ causes less strain on your wrist and fingers.

In devices with piezo-electric technology, the tip moves in a back-and-forth motion with better control than in older magnetostrictive technology that vibrates the tip more randomly. Piezo allows you to use the tip in a similar way as a curette – the sides of the tip remove calculus just like the edges of a curette – but with higher efficiency. By moving the tip along the side of a tooth you can direct the vibration right onto the calculus without knocking the enamel or cementum.

A treatment that causes no pain

Our piezo technology produces a soft shaped sine wave signal which gives a painless ultrasonic instrumentation to the patient and prevents the irritation caused by an aggressive power output of an abrupt square signal used in less advanced devices. This results in greater patient convenience.

The sine wave is the fundamental waveform in nature and occurs in e.g. ocean waves, sound waves and even in the motion of the swing at a playground.

The intelligent feedback electronics automatically sense the working load on the tip and regulate power output as a cruise control in cars.

Clinical advantages of piezo technology

Tip vibrates mainly back and forth in linear motion:

  • more along the tooth -> removes calculus and biofilm
  • less towards the tooth -> lower risk for pain and enamel/cementum damage


  • More control
  • Better for patient – less pain & damage


  • Requires more skill – clinician must understand how the tip moves and know how to take advantage of it

piezo-200x172  magneto-200x172

Piezo movement                        Magnetostrictive movement

Not available in the US market