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LM-ProPower in dental unit

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Ultrasonics on the bridge

The LM-ProPower is a powerful and pleasant tool to perform ultrasonic treatments across the different fields of dentistry. The compact electronic unit with internal LED supply is easily installed in the dental equipment. The great effiency, long lasting LM-DuraGradeMAX tips, ergonomical LM-ErgoGrips and unique sterile option will add value to your dental unit.

The ultimate tool for ultrasonic treatment:

  • Compact electronic component with integrated LED supply
  • Wide power range
  • Wide tip range for scaling & periodontics, endodontics, apical surgery, implantology and restorative treatments

Contact your local dealer for further information!

Not available in the US market.

LM-ProPowers are versatile ultrasonic devices for professional dental care.

Distinguished ergonomics combined with uniquely designed LED lightning, advanced electronics and high-durability LM-DuraGradeMAX tips make LM-ProPower devices outstanding for all procedures requiring great precision. In addition to scaling, they bring power to numerous other treatments on the diverse field of dentistry.