Indiations Ultrasonic Instrumentation

LM-ProPower™ is highly adaptable to any procedure or user approach. It is not only an outstanding scaling and cleaning device for the removal of supra- and subgingival calculus and biofilm, but it also brings versatility to endodontics, implantology, restorative and minimally invasive treatments and apical surgery, including sterile treatments.

Ultrasonic scaler has several clinical advantages in profylactic and periodontal treatments:

  • Removes effectively calculus and plaque
  • Reaches deep and narrow pockets or furcations
  • Requires minimal space in pockets
  • Rinses the pocket with water
  • Provides gentle cleaning for the patient

Professionals also tend to save treatment time, gain an ergonomical work habit. Ultrasonic is an easy treatment technique even for inexperienced clinician. Ultrasonic treatment offers the clinician many advantages, however choosing an optimal combination of hand instruments, ultrasonics and air polishing guarantees the best possible treatment results. Choose synergy!

Versatile ultrasonics

LM-ProPower™ piezo ultrasonic device can be used in numerous treatments on the diverse field of dentistry. Make use of our wide range of specialised tips for all indications.

Ultrasonic Applications


Prophylaxis & Peridontology

  • Scaling
  • Removal of stains and plaque


  • Minimally invasive excavation
  • Amalgam condensation


  • Removal of posts
  • Removal of dentin in pulp chambers
  • Finding and widening orifices
  • Preparing canals
  • Removal of broken instruments
  • Cleaning of canals

Apical surgery

  • Opening and clearing of the root

Prosthetics / Implantology

  • Implant maintenance
  • Removal of crowns and inlays
  • Application of thixotropic cementation

Not available in the US market