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Course: How to Treat Malocclusions Early with LM-Activator™ – a Clinical Approach with Theoretical Framework

The focus of the course is on the clinical approach. The Virtual Course is a new concept giving hands-on guidance on how to use LM-Activator™. The practical examples are based on the theoretical background and are part of the multichannel learning experience.

What do you benefit from participating in this virtual course?

  • Receive a good basic understanding on the theoretical background on how to treat malocclusions.
  • Gain the confidence as well as support, including materials to start using the LM-Activator™ appliance on your own.

The Virtual Course will take place this spring (March-April 2022) over a five-week period with four interactive sessions as well as exercises performed via our comprehensive and supportive online learning portal. During the interactive sessions Dr. Pellegrino will introduce the participants step-by-step to treat patients with LM-Activator™. In between the sessions the participants will familiarize themselves with study materials, view webinars/videos and perform practical exercises on the learning portal. This course is free of charge.

  • WHAT – A virtual course on how to treat malocclusions early using LM-Activator™ Eruption Guidance Appliances with Dr. Gioacchino Pellegrino
  • WHERE – No fixed location. We have an online training portal for interactive meetings and for preliminary assignments
  • WHEN – 5 weeks period in March-April 2022: Tuesdays 15.3. – 22.3. – 5.4. – 12.4. In total the working time for the course including meetings & assignments is around 40 hours.
  • FOR WHOM – Orthodontists/pediatric dentists/general dentists who are interested in learning about how to treat malocclusions with child patients using LM-Activator™ silicone appliance. This open course is targeted for new users of LM-Activators™.
  • CERTIFICATE – After completing the course fully, the participant is entitled to LM-Activator™ certificate.

Feedback from the participants of the previous course

The very first virtual course on LM-Activator™ was held in October-November 2021 in co-operation with Dr. Pellegrino and LM-Dental™. The course was well received and we are proud to share that 100% of all the participants would recommend the course to a colleague as a great or good learning experience!

“Pellegrino was an awesome lecturer”

“A pleasure to listen to”

“Course was oriented towards practical problems”

Introduction of the lecturer

Dr. Gioacchino Pellegrino DDS
Specialist in Orthodontics, Italy

Dr. Pellegrino graduated with honors from the University of Naples in 1985 and he is working in his private orthodontic clinic in Caserta, Italy. In 1993, Dr. Pellegrino completed his postgraduate training in orthodontics and thereafter he has participated in a great number of continuous education courses in various topics of orthodontics.
In recent years Dr. Pellegrino has acted in several academic positions as a teacher and as an adjunct professor (University of Naples Federico II, University of Foggia and University of L’Aquila). He is frequently invited lecturer in national and international conferences and private courses. Dr. Pellegrino has published several peer-reviewed papers and he is a member of several dental and orthodontic societies (SIDO, EOS, IBO, EBO, ANDI and SIOI). In 2020-2021 he is also a member of the board of the Italian Society of Pediatric Dentistry.

Preliminary Programme

Download the programme in pdf file >

LM-Activator™ is a silicone appliance for children guiding and supporting gentle and healthy growth of the teeth and jaw in early mixed dentition. Comfortable and easy to use, LM-Activator™ is a proven preventive early orthodontic treatment method for your child.

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Registration for Virtual Course on LM-Activator™

  • Please use the same email in registration and participation of the Virtual Course.
  • Tell us your experience in dental business and/or orthodontics in years and any other details.
  • Why are you interested in joining the course?

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