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LM-Activator™ OrthoSizer™

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LM 9400 LM-Activator™  OrthoSizer™ without a handle

LM-OrthoSizer™ is a tool for aiding the selection of the appropriate LM-Activator™ size. Measures the distance across the upper incisors from the distal surface of the left lateral incisor to the distal surface of the right lateral incisor. The size is indicative and LM-Activator™ should always be fitted to ensure the correct size.

Compatible with LM mirror handles (LM 25 SI/XSI/ES, LM 28 XSI/ES)

LM-Activator™ aligns teeth, activates mandibular growth and expands the arch perimeter in mixed dentition.


  • Aligns and corrects sagittal and vertical relationships simultaneously.
  • Anatomically designed slots for aligning individual teeth.
  • Possibility to treat in mixed dentition:
    • Intercept interferences and early signs of malocclusions when the roots and ligaments are still developing
    • Support healthy growth and development of the face and jaw

Patient friendly:

  • Made of comfortable and flexible medical grade silicone.
  • Biocompatible (ISO 10993 permanent contact). No coloring agents, PVC, phtalates, softeners, latex, bisphenol-A or fragrance agents.
  • Simultaneous alignment, leveling and anteroposterior correction instead of separate stages.
  • Myofunctional research show a correlation between malocclusions and orofacial dysfunctions.