Silicone activator and aligner

LM-Activator™ is an anatomically designed activator and aligner for orthodontic treatment. It aligns teeth and activates mandibular growth (i.e. brings the mandible forward for Class II correction) and can simultaneously increase the dental arch length to correct or avoid crowding. LM-Activator™ supports healthy growth of teeth and jaws in a gentle way.

“One of the remarkable properties of the appliance is that it can correct several problems at the same time. Most other orthodontics appliances focus on one problem at a time.”
– Professor Juha Varrela, University of Turku, Finland

LM-Activator™ effectively corrects different malocclusions; overjet, overbite, deepbite, open bite, crowding, class II, and dental anterior crossbite i.e. inverted incisors. Sagittal and vertical relationships can be corrected simultaneously.

“We can control the occlusion in a three dimensional way with LM-Activator™. We are able to control overbite, overjet, lateral contacts of the lower and upper arch and to modify sagittal growth.”
– Adjunct Professor Gioacchino Pellegrino, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

LM-Activator™ is removable and mainly used during the night. It is made of flexible and comfortable clear medical grade silicone and is fully biocompatible and additive free.

“When I saw the results of LM-Activator™, I was surprised. I recommend my colleagues to try LM-Activator™ and see the results themselves.”
– Professor Juha Varrela, University of Turku, Finland


LM-Activator™ is the first generation of LM-Activator™ and was introduced in 2004. It has helped hundreds of thousands of children around the world to get a healthy smile.

LM-Activator™ is available in the following models:

  • Short: The short models have a shorter molar section. For patients whose second molars have not yet erupted.
  • Long: The long models have a longer molar section. For patients whose second molars have erupted.
  • Low: The Low-models are applicable to many different cases.
  • High: Specifically designed for treating skeletal and dentoalveolar open bite cases. Thicker in the region of second premolars and molars.

The Narrow model of LM-Activator™ 2 is comparable to the original LM-Activator™. We recommend using LM-Activator™ 2, because of its improved features and functionality in materials and design.