LM-Activator™ article series

We are publishing a set of articles introducing how LM-Activator™ is used as part of Early Orthodontic Treatment in the Finnish public health care system. We will demonstrate the use of LM-Activator™ with stories of different dental professionals using the appliance with patients. Treatment with LM-Activator™ is a widely recognized method in the Finnish system for orthodontic care.

LM-Activator™ as a part of effective orthodontic workflow in Finland

I definitely recommend early treatment whenever possible. The earlier treatment can start, the better severe malocclusion can be prevented. I’m very satisfied in the way we allocate work, which makes my own work easier. We have a great team!

Kaisa Packalén DDS

The orthodontist’s perspective and consulting role in the team

I have obtained good clinical treatment results with LM-Activator ™over a period of 15 years. Issues with crowding, increased horizontal overbite and traumatic deep bite with palatal impingement have been successfully corrected, and even if we have not been able to fully eliminate or correct the patient’s malocclusion, the appliance has at least managed to prevent it from getting worse. I have great faith in early preventive orthodontics.

Minna-Maria Tervonen, dentist-in-charge, L.D.Sc.