LM-Activator™ has proven to be effective in treatment of different malocclusions in different dental stages. The below chart provides demonstrative guidelines for case selection.

A thorough case-by-case analysis of the patient’s malocclusion and its severity as well as the patient’s motivation is needed. Evaluating the dentoalveolar, skeletal and functional characteristics of the patient is an essential part of selecting cases for LM-Activator™ treatment. Typical cases include deep-bite, crowding and dentoalveolar anterior crossbite.



  • Skeletal Class III
  • Midline discrepancy >3 mm *)
  • Very narrow upper arch *)
  • Palatally impacted teeth *)
  • Severely rotated posterior teeth *)
  • Fully erupted anterior teeth that require torqueing *)

*) may be treated with combination treatment (LM-Activator™ together with other appliances such as quad helix)