LM Implant Misura MR™

Guiding for correct mesio-distal implant insertion

LM Implant Misura MR™ instruments help positioning the first spiral drill at a correct distance from the pillar i.e. implant or natural element adjacent to the implant and respecting the bone biology.

This results in correct amount of bone between the implant and the tooth, so that the bone crest remains stable over time. Once the biology is respected and the case is spaced correctly, a long lasting esthetic result is established.

Clinical case 1: Implant adjacent to a natural element

  • Choose the right size instrument in consideration to the implant that is inserted
  • Firmly lean the cylindrical tip (avoiding any movement) against the natural element root close to the implant
  • Be sure that the instrument tip leans against the root and not against the crest of the proximal bone
  • Lean the initial drill against the cylindrical tip and check both the correct bucco-lingual position and the mesio-distal inclination
  • An imprecise mesio-distal inclination may cause an increase or a decrease of the distance between the implant and the tooth
  • After the first osteotomy, go on following the normal implantation protocol

Clinical case 2: Implant adjacent to another implant in edentulous arch

  • Execute the first osteotomy (generally the most distal) with the initial drill only
  • Insert a pin of the same diameter as the initial drill into the osteotomy
  • Lean the selected LM Implant Misura MR™ instrument against the pin taking care not to move it with an excessive pressure
  • Execute the second osteotomy with the first initial drill
  • Always check the correct positioning of the drill both for the bucco-lingual direction and the mesio-distal inclination
  • Go on following the normal implantation protocol

Clinical case 3: Implant adjacent to another implant in partial edentulous arch

  • Always start from the implant adjacent to the natural element
  • Go on as at case 2

The instruments are designed by Marco Redemagni MD, DDS. Style Italiano is a study group of passionate clinicians and researchers specialized in aesthetic restorative dentistry.