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LM-TwistOut™ C4

LM 814440
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Elevators for forceful extraction.

  • 4 mm curved blade
  • LM-TwistOut™ instruments are suitable for tooth extraction in situations where strong force or torque must be applied

Elevators for forceful extraction.

LM-TwistOut™ instruments are suitable for tooth extraction in situations where strong force or torque must be applied.

Instrument is available in different sizes and angulations.

“This elevator from LM-Instruments is specifically designed for torque applications”

”I came across this elevator at the Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne last year. As we’re a rural practice and probably see a few more extractions than in a city area it’s a very handy tool. I find that luxators are often quite fine and if a little too much pressure is applied, they tend to bend or break. This elevator from LM-Instruments is specifically designed for torque applications.

I use this elevator for all extractions and have the full range of straight and angled models in all sizes. It’s a very sturdy, simple tool that makes extractions much easier to perform. I had often wondered why there wasn’t a more sturdy luxator on the market but, as it turns out, this elevator was exactly what I was looking for.”

– Bite Magazine, August 2014 by Dr. Davis Lakatos, Complete Dentistry, Kilcoy, QLD Australia

EN Instrument for dental professionals, clean and sterilize before use in max. 134°C/273°F. BG Инструмент за стоматолози, преди употреба да се почисти и стерилизира при макс. температура 134°C/273°F. HR Instrument za stomatološke stručnjake, očistiti i sterilizirati prije upotrebe na maks. 134°C/273°F. CS Nástroj určený pro zubní lékaře. Před použitím jej vyčistěte a sterilizujte při maximální teplotě 134°C/273°F. DA Instrument til tandlæger og tandplejere. Rengøres og steriliseres inden brug ved maks. 134°C/273°F. NL Instrument voor tandheelkundige professionals, voor gebruik reinigen en steriliseren bij een maximale temperatuur van 134°C/273°F. ET Hambaravispetsialistide jaoks mõeldud instrument, enne kasutamist puhastada ja steriliseerida temperatuuril kuni 134°C/273°F. FI Hammaslääketieteen ammattilaisille tarkoitettu instrumentti, puhdistettava ja steriloitava ennen käyttöä max. 134°C/273°F. FR Instrument destiné aux professionnels dentaires. Avant utilisation, nettoyer et stériliser à une température maximale de 134°C/273°F. DE Instrument für zahnmedizinisches Fachpersonal. Vor Gebrauch reinigen und bei max. 134°C/273°F sterilisieren. EL Όργανο για επαγγελματίες του οδοντιατρικού τομέα· καθαρίζετε και αποστειρώνετε πριν από τη χρήση, σε μέγιστη θερμοκρασία 134°C/273°F. HU Eszköz fogorvosok számára. Használat előtt tisztítandó és legfeljebb 134°C (273°F) fokon sterilizálandó. IT Strumento per personale odontoiatrico qualificato. Pulire e sterilizzare prima dell’uso a max. 134°C/273°F. LV Instruments zobārstniecības speciālistiem. Pirms lietošanas notīrīt un sterilizēt temperatūrā, kas nepārsniedz 134°C/273°F. LT Gydytojams odontologams skirtas instrumentas. Nuvalyti ir sterilizuoti prieš naudojant maks. 134°C/273°F temperatūroje. NO Instrument for tannhelsepersonell. Rengjør og steriliser før bruk ved maks. 134°C/273°F. PL Narzędzie stomatologiczne. Wyczyścić i wysterylizować przed użyciem w temperaturze maks. 134°C/273°F. PT Instrumentos para médicos dentistas; limpar e esterilizar antes de utilizar, a uma temperatura máxima de 134°C/273°F. RO Instrument pentru stomatologi și asistenți de medicină dentară,  a se curăța și steriliza înainte de utilizare la o temperatură de max. 134°C/273°F. SK Nástroj je určený pre zubárov. Pred použitím ho vyčistite a sterilizujte pri maximálnej teplote 134°C/273°F. SL Instrument za zobozdravnike; pred uporabo ga očistite in sterilizirajte pri temperaturi največ 134°C/273°F. ES Dispositivo médico para profesionales de la odontología; limpiar y esterilizar antes de su uso a una temperatura máx. de 134°C/273°F. SV Instrument för tandvårdspersonal, ska rengöras och steriliseras före användning i max. 134°C/273°F.


Made in Finland

LM-Dental™ | LM-Instruments Oy | Norrbyn rantatie 8 | FI-21600 Parainen, Finland | www.lm-dental.com

Pat. www.lm-dental.com/patents

Choosing the handle

Choosing the most ergonomic hand instrument can make a big difference in terms of discomforts and disorders when performing dental work. It is by no means insignificant what the diameter of the hand instrument’s handle is or what the material of the grip surface is. When holding the instruments for approximately 2,000 hours each year, the design, weight and feel of the instrument are crucial for the dental practitioner in terms of his/her performance and productivity.

LM instruments are available with a selection of different handles. All exceptionally ergonomic due to the elastic silicone coating and optimized contouring. The clinician’s hand fit and indication both play a role in selecting an ideal handle type. Interchanging different handles, may place the user’s hand under even less strain.

New colors, naming and coding

To facilitate color coding and brighten up working practices LM-ErgoSense®, LM-ErgoMax™ and LM-ErgoNorm™ instruments come now in new refreshing colors. The name and the code number on the handle ease the identification of the instrument during clinical procedures and maintenance.

Handle selection


The larger diameter and design provide sensational grip that has been proven to be ergonomic and efficient in scientific clinical testing. Uniquely intelligent handle with the option for RFID tagging. The compatibility with the LM Dental Tracking System™ offers many opportunities to improve asset management and patient safety (see more on www.dentaltracking.com).


Classic ergonomic design that others copy. Functions well in all clinical procedures and guarantees excellent tactile sensitivity and relaxed grip.


The thinner handle that functions best in light clinical procedures.

Special handles


The LM-ErgoMix™ handle for exchangeable tips offers all the economical and ecological benefits of retipping. Available for specific instruments.


Well balanced mirror handle with better reachability.