Elevators for forceful extraction.

LM-TwistOut instruments are suitable for tooth extraction in situations where strong force or torque must be applied.

Instrument is available in different sizes and angulations.

“This elevator from LM-Instruments is specifically designed for torque applications”

”I came across this elevator at the Australian Dental Congress in Melbourne last year. As we’re a rural practice and probably see a few more extractions than in a city area it’s a very handy tool. I find that luxators are often quite fine and if a little too much pressure is applied, they tend to bend or break. This elevator from LM-Instruments is specifically designed for torque applications.

I use this elevator for all extractions and have the full range of straight and angled models in all sizes. It’s a very sturdy, simple tool that makes extractions much easier to perform. I had often wondered why there wasn’t a more sturdy luxator on the market but, as it turns out, this elevator was exactly what I was looking for.”

– Bite Magazine, August 2014 by Dr. Davis Lakatos, Complete Dentistry, Kilcoy, QLD Australia

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