Simple sharpening with LM-RondoPlus™

Instruments should be sharpened regularly in order to guarantee the efficiency and good treatment results.

Not only periodontal instruments, but also preparation instruments such as excavators and extraction instruments should be sharpened. Regular sharpening prolongs the service life-time of the instruments. LM-RondoPlus™ is suitable for sharpening of all instruments. It sharpens hand instruments easily, quickly and precisely.

Learning to sharpen with LM-RondoPlus™ is simple; learning how to use the machine takes you only a few moments. All instruments are sharpened with the same basic technique and you are able to sharpen the individual instrument in a just a few seconds. Still you preserve their original form.

LM ergonomics in sharpening

As all the LM products, LM-RondoPlus™ has an ergonomical design. You can hold your wrist on a rest while sharpening. This relaxes the arm and shoulder. Power is regulated with a foot pedal leaving both hands free for sharpening. The LM-RondoPlus™ is versatile meaning that it fits for both right or left-handed and the direction of the rotation can be selected.