Subgingival removal of biofilm


Subgingival air polishing is a safe and effective method for biofilm removal and dissolution. With a specially designed subgingival nozzle it is easy to access deep periodontal pockets and furcations. Subgingival air polishing treatment is useful in prophylaxis and maintenance therapy. For implant therapy, air polishing provides a perfect solution which is gentle yet powerful.

Easy access with LM-Sub A nozzle

The removal of subgingival biofilm has to be done regularly since the biofilm formation occurs rapidly. To help this frequently done subgingival cleaning, LM-Sub A nozzle was invented.

This nozzle is uniquely designed for subgingival treatment. It has an universal design which allows clinicians to work in all sides in dental arch without changing the nozzle. The LM-Sub A nozzle has a lasermarked WHO-scale on it which helps to check the depth of the gingival pocket while cleaning. The tip of the nozzle is very slimly shaped.

Subgingival nozzlesThe nozzle construction has two holes for the jet spray on each side. The holes are situated on the sides of the tip and the direction of the flow is angled towards the tooth and tissue.
This makes it more atraumatic than nozzles with horizontal flows.

The LM-Sub A nozzle tip is also conically shaped at the end, so it enables an easier and less traumatic access into the periodontal pocket. The construction of the nozzle limits the flow for a gentler subgingival treatment.

  • Universal nozzle design enables access to all areas of the dental arch
  • Uncompromised tactile sensitivity
  • Two hole structure cleanses periodontal pockets and furcations effectively
  • Non-clogging construction