Air polishing with LM-ProPower™

LM-ProPower™ Air Polishing

LM-ProPower™ air polishing concept is designed for demanding professional use. In LM-ProPower™ devices, our devotion for ergonomics shows in all high-quality features that meet the needs of modern day dentistry.

Comfort and convenience

LM-ProPower™’s ergonomically designed handpieces with soft silicone handles give you a comfortable, relaxed grip as well as an excellent feel. The soft material dampens the vibrations and keeps your hands warm, preventing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and other occupational physical problems in the arm. This non-slip grip is attained with the exchangeable and autoclavable LM-ErgoGrip™ silicone shells.

The fact that the powder container is placed on the side of the device or the unit bridge in stead of on the handpiece itself makes the LM air polishing handpiece very light in weight and easily manoeuvrable.

The multifunctional foot pedal is convinient for the operating clinician. It leaves your hands free for treating patients while controlling the power level within the chosen working mode with the pedal. You are also able to keep your eyes on the patient and simultaneously turn on/off the LED or choose the irrigation function with your foot.

Tender yet effective cleaning with the best visibility

LM-ProPower™ handpieces are equipped with impressive LED lights. They effectively illuminate your working area, providing optimal shadowless visibility and reducing eye strain. The optimized colour temperature of the light (white-blue) creates a good contrast, making calculus and stains more visible even through the powder spray.

LM-ProPower™ ergonomics lets you focus on the essential!