LM-Activator™ seminar 2018

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The LM-Activator™ seminar will be arranged at Radisson Blu Hotel Airport in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on October 5th to 6th, 2018.

LM-Activator™ Seminar is a seminar and training session consisting of lectures, hands-on training and get-together. During the event you will learn about LM-Activator™ and how to use it and about the benefits and results achieved.

Intercepting malocclusions using LM-Activator™ eruption guidance appliance
Orthodontic treatment in the mixed dentition with LM-Activator™ silicone aligner


Dr. Gioacchino Pellegrino (Italy) and Dr. Minna Ehrnrooth (Finland)


• Occlusal development in primary and mixed dentition
• Early signs of malocclusion
• From diagnosis to treatment plan
• How and when to use LM-Activator™s in different stages of dentition: an analysis through clinical cases
• Clinical management of early orthodontic treatment with LM-Activator™: a marketing strategy
• Stability of early treatment
• Active retention to keep the result and avoid relapses
• Related clinical research
• Hands-on exercises in groups with models and LM-Activator™s


Seminar fee: 495€ (0%VAT)
Seminar fee, early bird booking: 450€ (0%VAT)
(valid for bookings paid in full by June 15th)

The seminar fee includes the following:

• Seminar attendance (2 days).
• Lunch and coffee during both seminar days.
• Dinner on Friday October 5th.

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More detailed info via the link below:

LM-Activator™ Seminar course brochure

For more information please contact:

tel. +358 40 5024 659