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The new SharpJack instrument features long and thin, dual-edged blades for convenient interproximal access.  The optimally angled shank adapts to posterior and anterior regions.  SharpJack is an absolutely and completely sharpen-free instrument! No more sharpening—never, ever!

LM-SharpJack SD (LM 315-316SD ES)

  • Sharpen free
  • Long & thin dual-edged blades for convenient interproximal access
  • Optimally angled shank to universally adapt in anterior and posterior regions
  • Medical-grade silicone handle for amazingly comfortable & secure grip
  • The most popular scaler design in the U.S.

Limited time offer: 

LM-SharpJack, Buy 3, get 1 free (mix & match)!

This is the perfect time to try the instruments or stock up if you’re already a fan.  Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Place your order today!  Promo code: SHARPJACK3+1

LM-Dental is promoting the launch of LM-SharpJack with a charity campaign. In recognition of the association between poor dental health and Alzheimer’s disease, LM is seeking to raise awareness of the condition by donating funds from every LM-SharpJack sold to Alzheimer’s research. More information about the Sharp Diamond instruments and the LM-SharpJack Alzheimer’s charity campaign can be found here.


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