Soft but Strong

LM-Endomax Instruments Give You the Control You Need

Soft silicone grips are comfortable in your hands and allow you to work with less strain. Balance and ergonomic design make LM-Dental™ instruments responsive so you can focus on the procedure.

Advanced Design

All extraction instruments are made with LM-DuraGradeMAX® supersteel. This high-strength steel makes blades extremely sharp, allowing you to work more efficiently. A tight seam at the blade juncture makes the instruments hygienic and easy to clean.

LM-Endomax Hand Files

The LM-Dental™ emphasis on comfort and ergonomics makes our large-handle files extremely easy to hold and manipulate. Soft, thick silicone grips make filing and rotating more comfortable.

LM-EndoMax™ files and reamers adapt to the contours of the root canals, cleaning surfaces evenly and effectively.

LM-Endomax features

  • Soft silicone grips improve tactile sensitivity
  • Greater working comfort lets you focus on the procedure
  • Improved torque and force transmission allow you to work more efficiently
  • Visible identification labels simplify choices during procedures
  • Color coding follows ISO specifications for confident instrument selection