Keep Your Edge with LM-RondoPlus™

For efficiency, long life and best clinical results, uncoated instruments should be sharpened regularly. The LM-RondoPlus™ sharpens all dental instruments easily, quickly and precisely.

Using the LM-RondoPlus™ is simple. You use the same basic technique to sharpen all instruments, and sharpening takes only a few seconds. The LM-RondoPlus™ is so accurate that material loss is minimal, and instruments preserve their form.

Sharpening Ergonomics

The sharpener is designed for comfort during use, allowing you to focus on getting the keenest edge. The wrist rest lets you relax your arm and shoulder. Regulate power with a foot pedal, leaving both hands free for sharpening. The ability to change the wheel’s rotation direction allows the LM-RondoPlus™ to work equally well for right handed and left handed operators.