Sustainable manufacturing matters

Posted  4 years ago  • 

We at LM are very proud of our sustainable and ethical manufacturing  processes. In all our operations we are minimizing negative environmental impacts and are trying to conserve energy and natural resources. We also make sure our raw materials are of the highest quality.

LM-Dental™ products are manufactured in Finland, the happiest country in the world, according the report on the annual survey of global happiness from the United Nations.  We totally agree, as the environmental values and social responsibility are  in our DNA. You can always trust that we enhance employee, community and product safety.

With the LM-EcoExchange campaign, we have been actively promoting these green values  in co-operation with our distributor network.  All worn out dental hand instruments, that have been  difficult to recycle in the dental clinics, can be recycled properly with this  popular exchange campaign. Over the past fifteen years we have collected and recycled together with our wonderful end user customers over 300 000 old worn out dental instruments.

Green quality is what matters to us. Hopefully for you too!